TIBCO Spotfire Instructor Led Training

Training is provided at the client site following SHM Consulting copyrighted material using Oil & Gas or Marketing & Sales data. We also regularly schedule public trainings in various cities across the United States.

TIBCO Spotfire Value Added Reseller

Through the Spotfire Value Added Reseller (VAR) program we have the opportunity to provide all of TIBCO Spotfire's powerful functionality directly to our clients.

TIBCO Spotfire Configuration and Implementation

  • Authentication - Username & Password, Integrated (NTLM), Integrated (Kerberos - encrypted)
    • User Directory – LDAP, Windows Domain, Spotfire Database
    • Impersonation - To achieve single sign-on besides other advantages
  • Data Sources - To enable data source access through Information Services.
    • Built-in templates:
      • SQL Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Any other ODBC compliant database
  • Advance Data Services:
    • SAP, Hadoop, SalesForce.com, Siebel, Oracle eBusiness, Web Services
  • Login Behavior:
    • Display behavior (prompting or not prompting), Work Offline, Save login
    • Web Player customization – Look & Feel

Information Modeling Services

  • Setup centrally managed Information model to enable one-click data access from different sources
  • Data access details are all encapsulated in the Information Model and shielded from the end-users
  • Develop Information Model:
    • Data source definition for each database/data source
    • Logical structuring for permissions assignment
    • Map Elements to Domain (Filters, Procedures, Joins, etc.)
    • Set permission on the Domains
    • Information Links – Data access by end-users from Domains.

Custom Development

  • Develop core Visualizations (Maps/Charts and Tables)
  • Develop core/complex Custom Expressions (calculations)
  • Develop Lines & Curves for analysis – Analyze data and requirements to develop best line/curve fit models, Decline Curve Analysis, Forecast curves
  • Forecasting models
  • Develop R or S+ Data Functions.